Stella Products

Stella All in One

Stella All In One Naturals is a practical and economical air freshener that provides a refreshing atmosphere. Can be used as refill other cans packaging.

Stella aerosol

Stella Air Freshener Naturals is an air freshener packed in aerosol form, which provides a refreshing ambience Available in two sizes: 250 ml and 400 m.

Stella Matic

Stella Matic is an automatic room deodorizer with adjustable timer options (10 minutes, 20 minutes, and 40 minutes). Each Stella Matic Set contains: Tools, Refill, and free batteries.

Stella Daily Freshness

Stella Daily Freshness 7 ml is the latest innovation from Stella in the form of perfume concentrate. Its unique packaging can be used as an accessory. Not easy to leak, practical and hold up to 30 days.

Stella Car Perfume

Stella Car Perfume Set 8 ml Energy with 100% refreshing fragrance which creates a cozy atmosphere in your car.

Stella Fogo

Stella fogo Cabinet pack 30 gr: Double pouch contains outer and inner pouch Wide variety fragrances Practical and economical With natural ingredient citronella